MoMA New York, Latin America in Construction: Architecture 1955–1980 (II)

Images of the panel of the five Escuelas Nacionales de Arte by Ricardo Porro, Roberto Gottardi, Vittorio Garatti and of a splendid model of Garatti's School of Ballet by students of Prof. Jean-Francois Lejeune at the University of Miami.

The exhibition features architectural drawings, architectural models, vintage photographs, and film clips alongside newly commissioned models and photographs. While the exhibition focuses on the period of 1955 to 1980 in most of the countries of Latin America, it is introduced by an ample prelude on the preceding three decades of architectural developments in the region, presentations of the development of several key university campuses in cities like Mexico City and Caracas, and a look at the development of the new Brazilian capital at Brasilia. Architects met these challenges with formal, urbanistic, and programmatic innovation, much of it relevant still to the challenges of our own period, in which Latin America is again providing exciting and challenging architecture and urban responses to the ongoing issues of modernization and development, though in vastly different economic and political contexts than those considered in this major historical reevaluation. 
(Tomado de Revolution of Forms, Cuba's Forgotten Art Schools - FB)


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